Campus Events is a user-friendly platform that makes managing your events and appointments time-saving. Your events are presented online and participants can register around the clock - without emails, paperwork or Excel spreadsheets. 

As an educational institution, you are constantly publishing dates and inviting people to events. Events don't just have to be planned and coordinated. Information about them is published in many easily accessible places. And last but not least, participants need to be managed and looked after. The conscientious and reliable execution of all tasks requires a lot of communication, time and sometimes nerves of steel.

In order to provide you with the best possible support, we have been continuously developing our Campus Events system since 2010 and have optimized it specifically for use at universities. However, it can also be used very well in other sectors, as the variety of options and time-saving functions, which were developed in consultation with our customers, cover a wide range of applications. With Campus Events, you can concentrate on the content of your events, while the software relieves you of many administrative tasks and automates them. 


More automation and a better overview through campus events

Central administration with a complete overview: Organize registrations and cancellations, waiting lists, participant information and invoices for one-day or multi-day events and event series.

Automate everything that used to cost you time: Confirmation of registration by e-mail, signature lists, participant lists, name badges, table displays, mass e-mails to participants or only to those on the waiting list.

Self-service for interested parties: Participants can register at any time. If the quota is exhausted, interested parties are automatically placed on the waiting list if they so wish.

No installation, no burden on your IT: Campus Events runs GDPR-compliant on our servers in Germany. You can set up events, participants and processes immediately. If you don't want Software as a Service (SaaS), you can also run Campus Events in your data center.

Jennifer Blum

Jennifer Blum

Contact person for campus events


Answers to the most frequently asked questions

Yes, and Campus Events can monitor them automatically. If a quota is exhausted, participants can be placed on a waiting list.

Campus Events has a modular structure. In addition to the basic version, which already includes the most important functions, you can decide whether you need additional modules and add them at any time:

  • Paypal and automatic invoicing with the "Chargeable events" module
  • Work with your team and other teams for yourself with the "Multi-client capability" module
  • Login for students with the standard password with the "LDAP and Shibboleth" module
  • Manage courses and participation requirements with the "Courses" module

If you are unsure which module is relevant for you, we will be happy to advise you!

Yes, and payment is possible by invoice (prepayment) or via PayPal / credit card. Different price levels are possible, e.g. for students, employees, etc. The invoice is sent as a PDF directly after the online purchase. Customer numbers and cost centers can be stored to transfer the data to your accounting department.

The additional module "chargeable events" is required

Yes, you can specify a price for each event, but then you have to take care of everything associated with it yourself.

It's a little easier with the additional module "Paid events", which takes some of the work off your hands:

  • Participants pay by PayPal / credit card
  • The status is automatically set to "paid"
  • The customer receives an invoice

Yes, Campus Events can also be operated in your university data center. A current Linux system such as Ubuntu or Debian is sufficient. However, please check our system requirements or ask us about compatibility with your systems.

Satisfied customers

These customers successfully use Campus Events

Product features

Overworked? With Campus Events you have finally found your new colleague who will actively support your team!

Events & Dates

With Campus Events, you can organize events and appointments effortlessly. Events can be one-off events at a specific time, both one-day and multi-day events, including recurring event series. Appointments include announcements at specific times or periods with participant registration, such as closing times over Christmas.

Create events and have them displayed

You can enter the key data for your new event centrally in Campus Events or copy an existing event and simply adapt it. Once your event has been published, it will be SEO-optimized in Campus Events. On request, the data of all events can be automatically transferred to your website. This is done via an interface that you can query yourself or via free TYPO3 extensions.

Registration and participation

Campus Events makes it easy for participants to register. You can register yourself, log in or cancel (if desired). Registration can be done either via a shopping cart or as a quick registration. 

Campus Events offers both free and paid participation options and allows payment by invoice or PayPal. It supports different price levels for different target groups such as students, employees and graduates. Invoices are automatically generated as PDFs and can be provided with debtor numbers and cost centers.

Create events and have them displayed

You can enter the key data for your new event centrally in Campus Events or copy an existing event and simply adapt it. Once your event has been published, it will be SEO-optimized in Campus Events. On request, the data of all events can be automatically transferred to your website. This is done via an interface that you can query yourself or via free TYPO3 extensions.

Participant administration

Campus Events gives you an up-to-date overview of all participants at all times. You can send mass emails to participants and/or the waiting list, export participant data to Excel and generate participant lists, signature lists and name badges with a single click. Participant certificates are provided as PDFs in the participant area and you can send documents to all participants.

Events on your website

Campus Events supports automatic search engine optimization (SEO) through structured data and enables automatic data export to websites (e.g. TYPO3), monitors, building information systems and other systems.

Quickly ready for use

You don't have to go through a long IT project to use Campus Events. We will host it securely for you in Germany in compliance with the GDPR (SaaS, Software as a Service). You do not need your own servers and data centers for this - unless you want your IT department to operate it in your university data center. 

Function overview


  • All events and dates in one system
  • Multi-client capable: Each department only accesses its own events and participants.
  • Event lists for internal and public events
  • One-day or multi-day events and event series
  • Automatic data transfer to your website and in-house displays
  • Registration of participants as 7/24/365 self-service
  • Automatic waiting list function

Registration / Participation

  • Free and fee-based participation
  • Payment by invoice (prepayment) or via PayPal
  • With shopping cart or as quick registration
  • Price levels: students, employees, graduates, ...
  • Invoice is generated as PDF
  • Debtor number, cost centers
  • Automatic compliance with the registration deadline
  • Statutory quotas (minimum and maximum number of participants) are monitored and adhered to

Participant management

  • Up-to-date participant lists at all times
  • Mass e-mail function to participants and/or the waiting list
  • Participant export to Excel
  • Participant list, signature list and name badges with 1 click
  • Participant certificates as PDF in the participant area
  • Send documents to all participants

Internal databases

Frequently used information can be stored centrally in Campus Events. The information can be selected from these internal databases for each event:

  • Categories: Topic, target group
  • Contacts / contact persons
  • Event locations
  • Organizers
  • Speakers / tutors / lecturers
  • Sponsors / Partners / Supporters
  • Technical parameters
  • Ready for use in just one day
  • Seamless transition from the previous process
  • Effort for your IT department: 0 - 20 minutes
  • Automatic search engine optimization (SEO) through structured data
  • Automatic data transfer to websites and monitors per
  • DSGVO (GDPR) compliant by design and by default
  • SaaS hosting in Germany with 100% green electricity
  • alternative: onPremise hosting

Additional modules

Expand the functionality of Campus Events

Module: Chargeable events

Do you offer paid events? Then you know the additional challenges: it's a lot of work. Payment processing should be convenient, the creation of ...

More about Module: Chargeable events

Module: Multi-client capability

Do you have different departments, course providers or other sub-organizations that need to be managed independently of each other? The multi-c ...

More about Module: Multi-client…

Module: Program and course management

If you not only manage individual events but entire programs and courses, then this module will save you a lot of work. 

You can create a ...

More about Module: Program and course…

Module: Login via LDAP /Shibboleth

Log in once - everywhere. This module offers you the advantage of simplified user administration and increases the security of login data. It ...

More about Module: Login via LDAP…

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Jennifer Blum

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