Bringing applicants and companies together efficiently

All good things come in threes: prospective students, partner companies and the university. We have developed Campus Match so that you as a university can connect the right candidates with the right companies.

‍Finding suitable study places for a dual study program can be a challenge for prospective students. At the same time, both small and large companies are faced with the task of finding suitable applicants for their jobs or apprenticeships. Above all, however, all universities are interested in filling their study capacities. This is where Campus Match comes in as an innovative solution to efficiently support the task of matching.


Bringing together what belongs together with Campus Match.

Campus Match is a platform that has been specially developed for universities of cooperative education. It makes it possible to bring prospective students and companies together in a simple and convenient way. Campus Match offers various functions that can be used by both prospective students and companies.

Sought and found: Prospective students deposit application documents in their Match profile. Companies can find suitable applicants in the database.

Optimized for 'Generation Z': The responsive design enables optimal use on mobile devices, just as today's prospective students expect.

Low effort: Once set up, Campus Match runs almost automatically. At typically 15 minutes per week, the support effort is extremely low. In addition, no in-house IT infrastructure is required to operate and maintain the platform.

Further use cases: Campus Match can also be used as a lecturer exchange, internship exchange or mobility database - even outside of universities.

100% GDPR-compliant: Hosted in Germany as SaaS (Software as a Service) with exemplary data protection.

Jennifer Blum

Jennifer Blum

Contact person for Campus Match


Answers to the most frequently asked questions

Campus Match was developed for colleges and universities that offer dual study programs. The basic idea of matching can also be used in other contexts. For example, the task of a lecturer exchange, an internship exchange or a mobility database is to bring two parties together. And this task can of course also be used by companies.  

Prospective students can register online at any time and create an account. 

Companies can only register with an activation code. This is issued by the university and thus ensures that only partner companies have access to the database.

In Campus Match, companies can search the database of candidates according to the criteria that are important to them. The search parameters can be saved as favorites. Campus Match sends a list of the candidates found on a daily or, if desired, weekly basis.   

Campus Match's internal messaging makes it easy to get in touch. Messages and documents can be sent back and forth like a modern chat.

This function is not part of Campus Match, but of Campus Partner. The software offers a comprehensive overview of partner companies of dual study programs and enables prospective students to filter companies according to certain criteria and create an individual watch list. Campus Match and Campus Partner are two complementary programs that are often used together under one internet domain. Please ask us for references.

Campus Match is 100% GDPR-compliant and protects personal data in an exemplary manner.

Product features

Campus Match connects

Application profiles of prospective students

This advantage saves prospective students a lot of time: instead of writing 1000 applications, we turn the tables. With an application profile, applicants are permanently found and approached by thousands of potential employers.

The profile includes

  • Personal data 
  • profile picture
  • Desired degree programs and locations 
  • Education, professional experience and grades 
  • University entrance qualification
  • languages
  • Documents (CV, certificates, cover letter)
  • Interdisciplinary skills (soft skills)
  • Other knowledge 

How companies find suitable applicants

As a company, you are looking for the best prospective students who suit you. Campus Match provides you with a clear and easy-to-use search mask . This makes it very easy to find suitable profiles in the large database. You will be shown all the details of the prospective student that have been entered in the application profile.

The search parameters set for the database can be saved with individual names. The next time you visit the database, the correct search results will quickly appear on the screen.  

Create a search agent that sends you new suitable candidates by e-mail every day based on your search parameters. 

Do you like a person? Then add them to your favorites list. You can also add a personal note to each profile, which is only intended for you.

If you have found a profile that doesn't suit you, you can put this person on the negative list and the profile will no longer be displayed. All ratings can be changed at any time.

Internal messaging

Campus Match's internal messaging makes it easy to get in touch. Messages and documents can be sent back and forth in a modern chat look.

These are the benefits for your university

Self-service for applicants - no work for you!

If you haven't yet had time to actively and sustainably bring companies and prospective students together, then you don't need to start now. With Campus Match, you provide everyone with an online self-service. This platform brings together what belongs together. And you don't have to do anything and save yourself thetime-consuming work of finding a match.

Campus Match means practically no support work for you. All you have to do is

  • Advertise your new platform!
  • Send partner companies a registration code that authorizes them to create an account. Without this code, no company can access the database!
  • From time to time there is a support case and you have to answer a question from an interested party or company 

By the way, the database of profiles of prospective students is always up to date. The users receive an automatic e-mail shortly before the 150 days expire. If the profile is not renewed, Campus Match deletes all information in compliance with GDPR.

Integrated study information

In addition to the database, it is of course also possible to display information and content. On the content pages, you can enter additional information about the course and your university. Access to these pages can be controlled and is either visible to all visitors, only to applicants or only to companies. You decide.

Software-as-a-Service or on-premise?

If you opt for Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), you benefit from an all-round carefree package that not only includes hosting and operation, but also the ongoing maintenance of the software. With this solution, you enjoy the advantage of a constantly up-to-date, secure and high-performance application without having to worry about technical details. You can concentrate fully on your core business while we take care of the technology.

With an in-premise solution, you take full control by installing and managing the software internally on your own servers. This means that you are responsible for the maintenance, updates and security of the infrastructure. This option offers maximum adaptability and control over the IT infrastructure, but requires a stronger IT support structure and can initially mean higher investments in hardware and software licenses.

System environment / server requirements

Campus Match is built on a robust and modern infrastructure based on proven technologies such as Ubuntu, Apache, MySQL, PHP, Symfony and Vue.js.


  • Ubuntu 20.04 LTS
  • Apache 2.4
  • MySql 8.0

Campus Match software:

  • PHP 8.2
  • Symfony 6.4
  • Vue.js 2.7


  • E-mail gateway via SMTP (pay attention to SPF, DKIM, DMARC)
  • or localhost

For organizations that have special requirements for their IT infrastructure, we offer the option of testing the compatibility and operability of our software on an individual basis. Please let us know your requirements.

End devices

Campus Match is optimized for use on all modern browsers and offers flexible accessibility via smartphones, PCs and tablets. This ensures that users can access the platform anytime and anywhere, regardless of the device they are using.

Campus Match is also characterized by its low-barrier design, making the platform accessible to a broad user group.

Expandable and integrable

As a SaaS application, Campus Match is easy and secure to integrate and 100% GDPR-compliant.

Campus Match can also be expanded: 

  • Expansion through Campus Partner to offer prospective students an easy overview of partner companies.
  • Campus Quiz to test the skills of applicants. Applicants' test results can also be displayed in Campus Match

Additional benefits for other matching tasks

Campus Match offers a versatile platform that goes far beyond the simple placement of students. It serves as a comprehensive solution for various matching and recruiting tasks. Whether it is the placement of lecturers (lecturer exchange), the search for interns (internship exchange) or other specialized recruiting requirements, Campus Match provides an effective interface. This platform makes it possible to seamlessly connect different groups such as pupils, prospective students, students, universities and companies in order to optimize educational and career opportunities.

Lecturer exchange

Campus Match is ideal for universities looking for lecturers, especially when each faculty and degree program requires specific teaching staff. For universities with multiple campuses, this platform offers a particularly valuable way to efficiently find and approach suitable lecturers. By uploading profiles, faculties can search for candidates who meet their specific requirements. 

Internship exchange

For universities and companies looking for an effective connection to talented interns, a specialized online platform is the ideal solution. It allows students to showcase their profile and skills, while companies can search for candidates that match their specific requirements. This not only simplifies the internship search and placement process, but also optimizes it by creating direct connections between talented students and potential employers.

Use in the company

Campus Match offers companies with multiple locations an innovative platform solution. Interested parties can upload their profile, whereupon the various departments of the company have the opportunity to make direct contact with suitable candidates. This function enables a targeted approach and efficient selection of talent, tailored to the specific needs and requirements of each individual department

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