Simply book additional functions as required

Expand Campus Events with additional modules to get exactly the event management functions you need. These four additional modules are available to you:

Chargeable events - Your event webshop with shopping cart, payment processing, invoices and cancellation with credit notes

Multi-client capability - so that other teams, specialist areas, departments and organisers can collaborate.

Course management- Complete organisation of individual events, courses and programmes, with compulsory and optional events

LDAP & Shibboleth - Simply log in with the password you know, managed centrally by you and enjoy the benefits of single sign-on with Shibboleth.

Jennifer Blum

Jennifer Blum

Contact person for campus events

Our aim is to provide you with a clear and easy-to-use programme. By outsourcing functions to additional modules that not every customer needs, we were able to achieve this goal with Campus Events.

The development and maintenance of the modules represents additional work for our developers, project managers and quality assurance staff. The costs for this are only paid by those who use the additional functions.  

No. You can book the additional modules(chargeable events, multi-client capability, course management, LDAP & Shibboleth) at any time, i.e. at a later date if the need arises.

Yes, you can. If you already use Campus Events, we will activate the desired module on your staging system and you can try it out free of charge and without obligation. Please contact us.

This offer applies to the additional modules Paid Events, Multi-client capability and Programmes.

Yes, if you only have one or a few events per year, you only need the functionality of the chargeable events selectively. However, you can book this additional module on a monthly basis if you wish.

Additional module: Paid events

Payment processing, invoicing and cancellation processes

Do you offer paid events? Then you know that organising events is even more work. 

What would it be like if processing payments were easy and convenient for your participants and meant practically no extra work for you?

The "Paid events" add-on module allows you to purchase and pay by PayPal and credit card. An invoice is automatically created on your letterhead and sent to the customer by e-mail and the payment status is set automatically.

The add-on module also supports you in the event of participant cancellations by generating a credit note minus the cancellation fees.   

Shopping basket and payment

This module offers the functions your participants expect: a shopping basket, payment in cash, on account or directly via PayPal. 

You can manage and cancel orders. Of course, customers receive a correctly issued invoice and, in the event of cancellation, an equally correctly issued credit note.

Different number ranges

Everything must be in order, especially in financial accounting. According to §14 of the Value Added Tax Act, invoice numbers must be unique and consecutive

In Campus Events, you set up your scheme for your number range once and Campus Events automatically generates a correct invoice number for each purchase.

Additional module: Multi-client capability

One system for different departments and specialisms

Doyou have different departments, course providers or other sub-organisations that need to be managed independently of each other? The multi-client capability module has been developed for this purpose. Several separately operating divisions, departments and organisers can create and manage their events simultaneously, independently and individually. 

Client management

You simply create your clients in the user administration and specify which employees can work for which client(s). Access to participant and event data and settings is always restricted to the respective client, thus ensuring greater data protection.

Multi-client capability is fully integrated into Campus Events. This means that e-mail templates, invoices and much more are also multi-client capable. 

Cross-client data

In Campus Events there is also cross-client data, namely where it concerns the client-independent configuration of the overall system and where it is used across departments, for example:

  • Master data: Event location, event lists, target groups, categories
  • System e-mails
  • Content pages: Imprint, data protection
  • Payment methods
  • Orders are cross-client (invoices are client-related)

Additional module: Course management

Easily manage individual events, courses and entire programmes

Events that you manage in Campus Events are independent of each other. This means that there is no overarching logic that puts individual events into context.

This is different with this additional module: you can summarise individual events in modules. For each event (course), you store the achievable credits. When a defined number of credits is achieved, the module is considered completed and a certificate is automatically created. Modules can in turn be combined in different constellations to form a programme.

The additional course management module saves you an enormous amount of time that you would otherwise have to spend on organisation, and at the same time you retain an overview!

Grouping individual events

You can group individual courses into modules, such as "Introduction", "Basics", "Topic groups" and "Optional special topics". These modules can in turn be combined as a programme and you decide what the prerequisites and dependencies should be.

You can distribute the information on the programme as a link to Campus Events.

Compulsory and elective courses

Participants can, if they wish, register for programmes themselves and must then complete at least all compulsory modules. You can set the individual courses in each module as optional or compulsory.

You decide which courses are compulsory and which can be freely chosen. You also specify the maximum number of participants and a registration deadline .

Generate participant certificates automatically

The aim of all students is to "get the certificates". To do this, you need to create the corresponding certificates. This additional module also supports you at this point, as the certificates are created automatically

The progress and the generated PDFs are available for you as organisers and for participants in the Campus Events account as an overview and for download at any time.

Additional module: LDAP & Shibboleth

Login with the Uni Account and Single Sign-On

Log in everywhere with just one login: Campus Events can be easily integrated into the existing login processes of your students and employees. By using the additional module LDAP & Shibboleth, you benefit from simplified user administration and increased security of login data.

Campus Events offers you the flexibility to configure the single sign-on procedure via Shibboleth and/or LDAP according to your requirements. You can choose whether you want to use one or both methods for login and whether you also want to use the integrated user administration of Campus Events.

Advantages for your users

There is no need for users to create and manage a new password. By integrating Shibboleth or LDAP, users can use their existing login information. This improves security and user-friendliness.

Advantages for your IT

You can control authorisations centrally with Shibboleth or LDAP. In the Shibboleth context, Campus Events  is a so-called Service Provider (SP) that allows authorisation to your Identity Provider (IDP). 

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Jennifer Blum

Jennifer Blum

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