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Potential of digital workflows in colleges and universities: Increased efficiency and added value through digitalization

Digitalization offers considerable added value and efficiency gains, especially in the context of universities that serve a large number of prospective and current students. It is crucial for the competitiveness of universities, influences the recruitment of Generation Z, optimizes resources and strengthens reputation. In order to stand out, universities must present their unique offering in a versatile way.

The challenge is to efficiently design services for students and interested parties - from the provision of important documents to targeted mass communication via e-mail and multilingual websites to the automation of administrative tasks. The expectations of today's generation of students, who have grown up with digital technologies, are high, especially with regard to the online availability of services outside traditional office hours.

Beyond the use of conventional digital tools, it is therefore essential for universities to implement innovative digital solutions to meet the needs of the target group.

Your digitization topics

Document service: The ability to download documents directly from your website already offers great added value. However, a dedicated document portal can improve this service even further by simplifying access for users and ensuring that all important documents are always easy to find.

Mail more beautifully: Standard mail programs are unsuitable for mass mailings and specialized newsletter systems often seem too complex for the average user. With a suitable mass mailing system, the entire university can communicate much more efficiently. Both the corporate identity and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) are fully taken into account.

Multilingualism as standard: With many students not speaking German or English as their first language, using advanced AI-powered translation technologies for websites offers a cost-effective solution to make your website multilingual. This allows you to reach a wider audience and promote inclusivity without a large financial outlay.

Jörg Oswald

Jörg Oswald

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