Please smile: a small system with a huge effect

Start of the semester - when the stress level in the office rises

At the start of a new semester, student ID cards with photos have to be issued, at least for first-year students. In the past, students either had to submit a paper photo or send a digital image, which was then copied from the emails and processed by the Student Service Centre (SSC). This method was often slow and very labour-intensive.

Campus Photo makes everything easier and faster. Students can upload their photo online. These photos are automatically assigned correctly. This saves you a lot of time, especially when the semester starts.


What Campus Photo simplifies for you

Campus Photo is a self-service for students. Just right for Generation Z and, of course, for you and your team.

24 hours a day, 365 days a year: students can use this service at any time, regardless of your opening hours. Simple and self-explanatory.

Better image quality: Students can edit their photo online and deliver the right format by cropping the image.

Course overview for the lecturer: On request, Campus Photo can create a PDF of all students with their face and name as a portrait page. This makes it easier to start the semester.

Communication made easy: You can view the images via your admin account and give feedback directly in Campus Photo if required, without any e-mail software.

Synchronisation with your administrative systems: The automatic synchronisation means that all persons who have to provide a photo for a Campus Card or student ID card are transferred to Campus Photo. After data transfer, all personal data is deleted in compliance with the GDPR.

Jörg Oswald

Jörg Oswald

Contact person for Campus Photo


Answers to the most frequently asked questions

Yes, Campus Photo can adopt the design of your website or other specifications so that everything looks "as if from a single mould". This strengthens the recognition value and trust of users. 

No. No account consisting of a user name and password is required to use Campus Photo.

Authorisation and allocation of data records is usually carried out using known data such as 

  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • matriculation number

Yes, you can retrieve all uploaded photos at any time and transfer them to the card printer. This means you don't have to wait until a certain point in time has been reached to produce cards one by one.

Campus Photo will send you an e-mail so that you don't have to log in every day to check whether new photos are available. You decide whether you want to take action on that day. 

Each university has its own individual card printer. You receive the data in a format optimised for you so that further processing requires as few steps as possible.

For example, if your system can process Excel / CSV files, you will receive a table of all student data with the name of the image file and the corresponding image files.   

All data is only stored for as long as it is required for processing. After that, all personal data will be deleted in accordance with the GDPR.

We provide you with an order processing contract (AVV). This means that the use of this service is harmless in terms of data protection and complies with the law.

Product features

Simplify dramatically with little effort

Features and benefits for your Student Service Centre

Campus Photo reduces your team's workload and processing times:

  • Do you typically send first-semester students a welcome pack by post? In future, you will include a note about uploading your own photo for the student ID card.
  • A user account is not required. You log in with your name, date of birth and matriculation number.
  • So that you do not have to enter any data in Campus Photo, the data of the first semester students is automatically read from your database.
  • Automatic e-mail to students if the photo does not meet the requirements.
  • Retrieval of all photos in one place or automatic transfer to your internal servers/drives.

Students expect your university to be modern and digital. With Campus Photo you make a very good impression.

Functions and advantages for first-semester students and students

From the students' point of view, Campus Photo offers many advantages: 

  • No appointment at the secretary's office necessary
  • No waiting times
  • Available 7/24 regardless of opening hours 
  • Take pictures yourself via smartphone and upload directly from your smartphone 
  • The upload is encrypted 
  • The student ID card can be delivered more quickly as all processes are simplified by Campus Photo

Functions and benefits for your IT.Service Centre (IT.S)

Your IT benefits from Campus Photo 

  • The connection to your infrastructure is based on your specifications
  • It is hosted for you in German data centres.
  • Data transfer is encrypted.
  • It is GDPR-compliant and therefore exemplary in data protection.

We understand you. If you perhaps

  • have too little manpower,
  • have no interest in hosting or maintaining other people's systems and if you have
  • have enough other projects,

then look forward to Campus Photo! It is not a project that will tie you down for months with an immense amount of work. After an initial setup, which we will coordinate with you, Campus Events will run for years - without you realising it. 

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Jörg Oswald

Jörg Oswald

Managing Director, Product Lead

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