Skills shortage and the competition for Generation Z

Digital offerings are crucial for attracting the attention of prospective students, as today's generation has grown up in a digital world and expects fast and accurate online information.

In addition, the target group of prospective students is characterised by increasing internationalisation and thus also multilingualism. For many of them, not only German is a foreign language, but also English. Multilingualism is therefore playing an increasingly important role in the higher education landscape. 

We have repeatedly addressed these issues and the challenges of student marketing  and have worked with universities to develop methods and implement systems that support them in the competition for suitable prospective students.

How to strengthen your marketing

There are key topics in university marketing that we consider to be particularly relevant, as they can be addressed effectively with targeted initiatives:

Email marketing: Universities can arouse and maintain the interest of potential students through informative and visually appealing emails.

Accessibility of documents: It is essential that important information about degree programmes, the university and the place of study is easily accessible and visually appealing so that prospective students can obtain comprehensive information.

Simplification of appointment bookings: Potential students should be able to book appointments with the student advisory service or other relevant departments effortlessly, ideally directly online, including appointment reminders and a technically flawless implementation.

Multilingual information: In view of the fact that many prospective students do not speak perfect German and for some English is also a foreign language, it makes sense to offer information in several languages. High-quality automatic translations are a practical solution here.

Clemens Molinari

Clemens Molinari

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Digital tools for your marketing

Campus Talks

Campus Talks

Simple appointment allocation: Display available appointments and book directly online.

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Campus Docs

Campus Docs

Compile individual study programmes and module handbooks & download.

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Campus Mails

Campus Mails

Simply send masses of individual emails GDPR-compliant to recipients from CSV exports, LDAP or distribution lists. 

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Campus Lingo

Campus Lingo

Multilingual TYPO3 pages. Automatically translated. In just a few seconds. In over 30 languages.

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Campus Quiz

Campus Quiz

Tests and quizzes to convey information and as a marketing tool.

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Campus Customer Relationship Management

Campus CRM

Systematically manage counselling sessions and marketing measures

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