Frequently asked questions about Campus Events

Campus Events has a modular structure. In addition to the basic version, which already includes the most important functions, you can decide whether you need additional modules and add them at any time:

  • Paypal and automatic invoicing with the "Chargeable events" module
  • Work with your team and other teams for yourself with the "Multi-client capability" module
  • Login for students with the standard password with the "LDAP and Shibboleth" module
  • Manage courses and participation requirements with the "Courses" module

If you are unsure which module is relevant for you, we will be happy to advise you!

Yes, and payment is possible by invoice (prepayment) or via PayPal / credit card. Different price levels are possible, e.g. for students, employees, etc. The invoice is sent as a PDF directly after the online purchase. Customer numbers and cost centres can be stored to transfer the data to your accounting department.

The additional module "chargeable events" is required

Yes, you can specify a price for each event, but then you have to take care of everything associated with it yourself.

It's a little easier with the additional module "Paid events", which takes some of the work off your hands:

  • Participants pay by PayPal / credit card
  • The status is automatically set to "paid"
  • The customer receives an invoice

Yes, Campus Events can also be operated in your university computer centre. A current Linux system such as Ubuntu or Debian is sufficient. However, please check our system requirements or ask us about compatibility with your systems.

Yes, and Campus Events can monitor them automatically. If a quota is exhausted, participants can be placed on a waiting list.

No. You can book the additional modules(chargeable events, multi-client capability, course management, LDAP & Shibboleth) at any time, i.e. at a later date if the need arises.

Yes, you can. If you already use Campus Events, we will activate the desired module on your staging system and you can try it out free of charge and without obligation. Please contact us.

This offer applies to the additional modules Paid Events, Multi-client capability and Programmes.

Yes, if you only have one or a few events per year, you only need the functionality of the chargeable events selectively. However, you can book this additional module on a monthly basis if you wish.

Our aim is to provide you with a clear and easy-to-use programme. By outsourcing functions to additional modules that not every customer needs, we were able to achieve this goal with Campus Events.

The development and maintenance of the modules represents additional work for our developers, project managers and quality assurance staff. The costs for this are only paid by those who use the additional functions.  

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Jennifer Blum

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Jennifer Blum

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