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Universities as networking hubs

Universities play a crucial role in building bridges between prospective students and dual partner companies by making a significant contribution to the success of dual study programmes. This support includes not only the provision of information and resources, but also the targeted matching of students with companies that match their interests and career goals. By utilising digital technologies, this placement process can be made considerably simpler and more efficient.

Create more efficient connections

The use of digital solutions not only speeds up the matching process, but also makes it more transparent and accessible for all parties involved. 

Digital matching processCompanies gain access to a pool of qualified and motivated candidates who exactly match their requirements.

Partner portalPartner companies of a dual university can present themselves on a suitable portal with all their advantages. This not only saves them the cost of advertising jobs, but also saves time for the university.

Jennifer Blum

Jennifer Blum

Contact person for topics relating to careers and dual matching

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Campus Match

Campus Match

Bringing applicants and companies together efficiently.

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Campus Partner

Campus Partner

Partner companies of dual study programmes clearly presented.

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Jennifer Blum

Jennifer Blum

Project Manager, Product Lead

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