Multilingual websites with TYPO3 CMS

Translate automatically, quickly and economically

Multilingual websites are essential to appeal to a broader target group and to make the content accessible and understandable for foreign-language visitors.

This is particularly important when prospective students do not have a perfect command of German and English can also be a challenge. 

The need for a university website to make its content accessible in a variety of languages to ensure that all prospective students can find the information they need is further emphasized. Providing multilingual options not only improves accessibility, but also creates a welcoming atmosphere for an international audience looking to find out about study opportunities, courses and campus life. It's about building a bridge that overcomes cultural and language barriers to make education accessible to all.


Automatically translate into over 30 languages

Automatic translations in outstanding DeepL quality
Campus Lingo uses DeepL, the recognized best translation service, to translate your TYPO3 pages accurately and with impressive quality.

Translate everything without a single click
With Campus Lingo, all content in TYPO3 is automatically translated without editors needing new skills. Editorial control is maintained and the translation covers all elements, including image metadata and text from connected databases.

Glossaries and proper names
Set up glossaries for your websites and, if you wish, also for your specialist areas / departments. DeepL translates in the context of your glossary. This allows you to take proper names into account.

Even with changes
Campus Lingo doesn't overlook anything! If you change something, your new content is automatically translated again. If you change or add terms in the glossary, Campus Lingo will find the relevant places on your website and automatically update the translation.

Simple implementation in just a few minutes
IT will be delighted. The Campus Lingo extension can be installed in just a few minutes and runs immediately. After a few hours, the translation of your entire website is complete and all translations are stored in your TYPO3 system (cache).

Remarkably economical
The costs for commissioning and use are surprisingly low and independent of the number of editors, workstations, websites or content.


Answers to the most frequently asked questions

Yes, Campus Lingo offers individual settings and adjustments to adapt the translation to the requirements of the website and target groups. By using glossaries, you can store words and phrases that are translated according to your specifications.

Based on our experience with projects for colleges, universities and corporate clients, the one-off costs for the complete translation of a website are as follows:

  • For small websites, the cost is usually less than €500.
  • For medium-sized websites, the costs range from around €500 to €1000.
  • For large websites, the costs range from around €1000 to €1600.

In direct comparison to the services offered by professional translators, Campus Lingo is characterized by advantages in the areas of translation speed and costs.

The prices quoted include VAT.

Deepl can translate into these 34 target languages:

  • AR - Arabic 1)
  • BG - Bulgarian
  • CS - Czech
  • DA - Danish
  • DE - German
  • EL - Greek 
  • EN-GB - English (British)
  • EN-US - English (American)
  • ES - Spanish
  • ET - Estonian
  • FI - Finnish
  • FR - French
  • HU - Hungarian
  • ID - Indonesian
  • IT - Italian
  • JA - Japanese
  • KO - Korean
  • LT - Lithuanian
  • LV - Latvian
  • NB - Norwegian (Bokmål)
  • NL - Dutch
  • PL - Polish
  • PT-BR - Portuguese (Brazilian)
  • PT-PT - Portuguese (all Portuguese variants except Brazilian Portuguese)
  • RO - Romanian
  • RU - Russian
  • SK - Slovakian
  • SL - Slovenian
  • SV - Swedish
  • TR - Turkish
  • UK - Ukrainian
  • ZH - Chinese

Available DeepL glossaries for automated translation:

  • DE (German)
  • EN (English) 2)
  • ES (Spanish)
  • FR (French)
  • IT (Italian)
  • JA (Japanese)
  • KO (Korean)
  • NL (Dutch)
  • PL (Polish)
  • PT (Portuguese) 2)
  • RU (Russian)
  • ZH (Chinese)


The installation and configuration of Campus Lingo as a TYPO3 extension is simple and can be done in just a few steps. If the TYPO3 website is already configured for multilingualism, the setup typically only takes about 1 hour.

Campus Lingo automatically updates the translations when changes are made to the website. In doing so, Campus Lingo is very efficient and only translates the part of the page that has changed.

Satisfied customers

These customers benefit from Campus Lingo

Product features

Sophisticated functions for automatic translations

Scope of translation by Campus Lingo

Campus Lingo enables the automatic translation of all editable content. It works in fallback mode, i.e. it only translates content that has not been (manually) translated by editors. Manual translations always have priority and can be entered via the TYPO3 multilingual function. A specific configuration allows the targeted automatic translation of optionally translatable fields and the definition of exceptions for certain data records.

Limits of automatic translation

Campus Lingo does not translate content that is editorially marked as untranslatable in the TYPO3 backend. The translation of individual pages or entire page trees can be excluded, as can certain words or text passages that are marked with protection symbols. This is particularly relevant for proper names, trademarks or claims.

Saving the translations

Translated content is stored in a special cache within the customer's TYPO3 system to ensure fast delivery for site visitors. This cache is separate from the standard cache to prevent accidental deletion of data. When content elements are changed, they are recompiled, but the change is only limited to the changed element.

Introduction via test system

For a smooth start, it is advisable to use a test or staging system to carry out sample page translations. These translations can be transferred to the production system, provided that the staging and production systems are identical in terms of content and page IDs. This means that no additional translation costs are incurred.

Consideration of individual translation requests

The accuracy of the translation is crucial for an effective automatic translation. We ensure this with a central glossary in which specific terms and text sections can be stored. This glossary can be used simultaneously by different TYPO3 systems. Currently, one glossary is provided for each foreign language. However, additional glossaries can be created for each language on request, for example to provide customized translations for different specialist areas or departments.

When translating a website, the glossary is used to increase the quality of the translation. The translated content is then saved in the user's TYPO3 system and only translated again if changes are made to the website.

Intelligent glossary

But what happens to pages that have already been translated if the glossary is changed?

Campus Lingo automatically recognizes any subsequent adjustments or additions to the glossary and then starts the retranslation of the affected text passages on the website. This ensures that all translated content is updated within the shortest possible time and corresponds to the latest entries in the glossary. This makes the translation process uncomplicated and efficient.

Outstanding quality: DeepL is better than GoogleTranslate

Campus Lingo relies on DeepL, the leading translation service, to translate your TYPO3 pages with exceptional accuracy and quality. Numerous universities already use the (manual) web version of DeepL and appreciate the outstanding quality they can rely on.

Simple implementation

The implementation of Campus Lingo is remarkably uncomplicated. Installation and basic setup are usually completed in just a few minutes. The effort required to set up a glossary with special terms only depends on the number of terms and takes a few hours.

On request, we can import your existing glossaries free of charge as part of the setup. Please create one file per language, in CSV and UTF-8 format.

Complete website translation in record time

By activating Campus Lingo, every page called up that has not yet been translated is immediately translated in just a few seconds. Within a few hours, the translation of your entire website is completed in all languages, and all translated content is stored in the cache of your TYPO3 system. The response time when calling up translated web pages is then just as fast as that of your main language.

Manual specialist translations vs. automated solutions

Manual translations by specialist translators are often costly, but reflect the time and specific expertise of the translator, which can be useful and necessary in certain contexts. Costs can vary greatly depending on the language combination, subject area and urgency, which is why automated solutions such as Campus Lingo are an economically attractive alternative for many organizations. Campus Lingo effectively relieves the burden of the bulk of translation work, while manual translations still have their place for special requirements or high-quality specialist texts.


Campus Lingo can be put into operation and used permanently at remarkably low cost. The costs are independent of the number of editors, workstations or websites. In addition to a basic fee for operating the Campus Lingo service, there are also character-specific costs for the DeepL translation services. Ask us for a quote.

Technical specifications for Campus Lingo

Campus Lingo is compatible with the following TYPO3 versions:

  • TYPO3 CMS version 10.4 LTS (on request)
  • TYPO3 CMS Version 11.5 LTS
  • TYPO3 CMS Version 12.4 LTS
  • TYPO3 CMS version 13.4 LTS: planned from 15.10.2024 (with the release of the LTS)


You will receive documentation from us for the installation and configuration of the Campus Lingo TYPO3 extension. The installation only takes a few minutes.

If you have any questions during the installation, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

If you already have a question about Campus Lingo, please contact us.

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