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Welcome to the future of student marketing! Discover how Campus Docs puts your university at the center of student interest. 

Choosing the right university is a major decision for many students. Campus Docs supports this decision-making process by providing a platform that simplifies access to information and document management. Prospective and currently enrolled students benefit from a smooth and user-friendly system that supports everything from researching information to downloading personalized study documents. This practical approach not only makes it easier for prospective students to find their way around, but also helps your university to position itself as a modern and student-centered educational institution.

Campus Docs expands the possibilities of traditional student marketing. By automating the compilation of study documents and offering an intuitive operating concept, the platform significantly reduces the administrative workload for your institution. At the same time, it increases the attractiveness of your university by offering uncomplicated and personalized access to information and documents. Campus Docs is specially tailored to the needs of current and future generations of students and promotes closer ties to your institution. In this way, Campus Docs helps your university to respond more effectively to the needs of students.


Campus Docs simplifies student counseling

User-friendliness: Campus Docs offers an intuitive platform that enables prospective Generation Z students and students to compile all the necessary documents with just a few clicks.

Self-service for all relevant documents: Immediate download as a complete PDF. Complete means that Campus Docs also automatically adds documents that are easily forgotten or that you have defined as an integral part of all documents.

Personalized documents: The platform enables the creation of personalized documents, such as individually compiled study guides or module handbooks, and ensures that students receive exactly the information that is relevant to their course of study and interests.

Minimal administrative effort: The study guidance materials provided consist of individual pages that you can easily replace or update at any time.

CRM synergy: Campus Docs' seamless campus CRM integration optimizes outreach to prospective students through direct data usage, making student recruitment more efficient.

Jennifer Blum

Jennifer Blum

Contact person for Campus Docs


Answers to the most frequently asked questions

Campus Docs is a platform that enables prospective and current students to compile and manage all the necessary documents and information for their studies with just a few clicks.

Yes, academic advisors can use Campus Docs to assist prospective students in compiling their documents and provide them with a comprehensive overview of relevant study information.

No, because Campus Docs ensures that all mandatory documents that you specify are automatically added to each generated document package. This can include, for example 

  • General information about the university, 
  • mandatory information for publications or 
  • special content that is relevant for all prospective students. 

In addition 

  • a cover sheet, 
  • a table of contents with page numbers and 
  • a back page 

are included as standard in each document package to ensure a complete and professional presentation of the information.

The documents and information on Campus Docs are maintained and updated by the university administration or the team responsible for this. They have control over the content and can make changes or updates at any time to ensure that all information provided complies with the latest requirements and guidelines.

No, Campus Docs prevents the selection of inadmissible subject and course combinations through a predefined logic based on the examination regulations and degree program guidelines. The system automatically checks the plausibility of the selected combinations and ensures that only permissible and sensible options are available to students.

Satisfied customers

These customers benefit from Campus Docs

Product features

Customized documents

Customized PDF compilation

Campus Docs makes the creation of customized information packages a breeze. You, as the administrator, provide a variety of PDF documents that cover the entire spectrum of your course offerings, policies and further information. Visitors to the platform can then select from these documents based on their personal interests and information needs.

Once the selection is made, Campus Docs does the work and combines all the selected PDFs into one comprehensive overall PDF. This individual document accurately reflects the user's interests and requirements, providing them with a personalized source of information at their fingertips. This ensures that each user receives exactly the information that is relevant to them in a clear and handy format.

Everything in one place - always up to date

Campus Docs simplifies access to study information by centralizing all important documents. On this platform, students and prospective students can find everything they need - from study guides to module handbooks - all in one place. 

The ease of use of Campus Docs means that content is regularly updated so that users always have the latest information to hand. This ensures a reliable source of information for planning and completing their studies

Direct selection for quick access

With direct selection in Campus Docs, users can quickly and easily access a list of predefined documents. This method is ideal for users who have clear ideas and want to find the information they need quickly. It is ideal for general requests that do not require any special customization.

In addition to the freely selected documents, Campus Docs can also add a cover page, a table of contents with page numbers and a back page, as well as other pages that you have defined as mandatory.

The result is a customized PDF that is specifically tailored to the user's needs and offers a coherent compilation of all relevant information.

Rule-based compilation

The rule-based compilation in Campus Docs enables students to create a personalized overview of their study and examination regulations (StPO) based on information from the module handbooks. These customized documents provide valuable tips and information for semester planning by not only including a detailed study plan, but also outlining recommendations and guidelines for successful study design.

By utilizing this feature, students can effectively plan and optimize their academic career. The resulting document serves as a comprehensive guide that not only shows the mandatory modules and courses according to the study regulations, but also includes flexible options and recommended study paths. This enables targeted study planning tailored to individual needs and goals, which significantly supports academic success.

In addition, the personalized document offers a glossary of the most important terms used in everyday study life. This glossary serves as a useful reference for students to familiarize themselves with the academic vocabulary and structures at the university. It includes a detailed overview of the contact persons at the Student and Academic Advisory Service as well as the central institutions and offices that are important for students during their studies.

Colleges and universities for student marketing

Campus Docs offers the possibility to create versatile information brochures that are used in the context of student marketing at universities. The documents that can be generated include

  • Information materials
  • Study information
  • brochures
  • Student advisory materials 
  • Study program descriptions

As a central platform for various information materials, Campus Docs enables prospective students and website visitors to create customized documents. These are precisely tailored to their specific needs and questions.

Universities and companies for internal documents

Campus Docs allows colleges, universities and companies to develop specialized document collections that are particularly important for internal communication. The range of content that can be created includes, for example

  • Employee handbooks
  • company guidelines
  • training materials
  • safety regulations

By providing Campus Docs for the creation of company documents, specialists and management levels are supported in creating documents that are precisely tailored to the specific needs and requests within the company. This promotes improved communication and process efficiency throughout the organization.

Company for sales and marketing documents

Campus Docs gives companies the opportunity to design targeted sales documents that are perfectly tailored to the requirements of their sales and marketing departments. Various types of documents are available, such as

  • Sales brochures
  • Detailed price overviews
  • Convincing sales arguments in presentation form
  • Customer success stories
  • Detailed product descriptions

This platform serves as a key resource for sales and marketing teams to tailor to their customers' needs. Campus Docs can be used to compile tailored materials that specifically address the needs and questions of potential customers, significantly increasing sales and marketing efficiency.

Integration with CRM system for customized study advice

The integration of Campus Docs with a CRM system opens up new dimensions in student advising. This connection not only records users' voluntary details such as name, e-mail address or telephone number, but also transfers the documents they have selected directly to Campus CRM. On this basis, an individual advisory file is automatically created, enabling personalized support in a one-to-one format.

This precise recording of the interests and needs of each individual allows advising teams to respond to the specific requests and requirements of prospective and current students in a detailed and individualized manner. Advice can therefore be provided more effectively, as a clear picture of areas of interest and information needs is already available before the first meeting. This not only promotes targeted communication, but also increases the satisfaction of those seeking advice through a highly personalized advisory experience.

This individually tailored approach ultimately leads to prospective students feeling better understood and supported, which increases the likelihood that they will decide to study at the university. In this way, the CRM integration of Campus Docs makes a significant contribution to attracting more students and strengthening their loyalty to the university.

Project process for Campus Docs facility

Campus Docs is a web-based platform specifically designed to simplify the creation and management of document-based information packages. Below is an overview of the technical setup of Campus Docs:

Setting up the platform

  • Provision of Campus Docs as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) or on-premise hosting
  • On request: Customization to the corporate design of the university or company
  • Setting up templates for cover pages, tables of contents and final pages
  • Setting up user accounts and access rights

Setting up and managing content

  • Upload all relevant documents as (individual) PDF pages
  • Defining the optional documents as well as the documents that must be published

Definition of rules for combinatorics (optional)

  • Creation of a set of rules 
  • Basic rules: "if - then", "if - then not", logical AND and OR

Easy handling after handover of Campus Docs

Once Campus Docs has been successfully handed over to you, you have an extremely user-friendly platform at your disposal. It is extremely easy to use: your main task is simply to update the stored PDF documents as required. This process is straightforward and quick thanks to the intuitive user interface and the user accounts provided.

You don't have to worry about complicated maintenance work. Updating documents, whether it's new study guides, changes to module handbooks or updated information brochures, can be done with just a few clicks. This keeps your information base up to date without requiring a significant amount of time.

However, if you need assistance or would prefer to leave the updates in our hands, our support team is always ready to assist you. We ensure that your Campus Docs platform runs smoothly and that your study materials remain up-to-date. With Campus Docs and our support on your side, you can rest assured that managing your study information will be efficient and effortless.

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Jennifer Blum

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