Frequently asked questions about Academic Hero

General questions

What is Academic Hero?
Academic Hero is a platform that has been offering digital solutions for the education sector since 2010 to make universities and educational institutions more efficient.

What problems does Academic Hero address in the education sector?
They address skills shortages in IT and administration, competition for students, internationalization and the digitalization of processes.

How longhas Academic Hero been around?
The platform has been around since 2010 and has been operating under the name Academic Hero for several years.

How many customers does Academic Hero have?
You have over 70 customers in the education sector.

What is the main goal of Academic Hero?
You aim to revolutionize the administrative and organizational challenges in educational institutions.

How does Academic Hero support digitalization in the education sector?
By providing tailor-made digital solutions that increase process efficiency and enable time savings.

What types of solutions does Academic Hero offer?
They develop digital platforms that offer self-service functions for students and systems to increase administrative efficiency.

How is Academic Hero organizationally integrated?
Academic Hero is not an independent company, but a brand of Brain Appeal GmbH. This allows Brain Appeal's resources and expertise in the education sector to be directly incorporated into the development and optimization of the Academic Hero platform, which constantly improves its quality and efficiency. Brain Appeal was founded in 1998.

What is the importance of customer service at Academic Hero?
You provide local support and service to ensure effective communication and support.

What is the composition of the Academic Hero team?
The team consists of former university staff, university solutions specialists and academic staff.

Legal issues

Where is Academic Hero's data stored?
All customer data is stored exclusively in Germany.

What does Academic Hero guarantee with regard to customer data?
That no customer data is stored outside Germany in order to protect its integrity and confidentiality.

What isAcademic Hero's commitment to data protection?
They set high security standards for the protection of data and guarantee compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Does Academic Hero adhere to the Minimum Wage Act (MiLoG)?
Yes, Academic Hero strictly adheres to the Minimum Wage Act (MiLoG). As the conception, design, project management and software development is carried out exclusively in Germany, it is not possible for foreign suppliers to circumvent the law. In addition, wages in the required IT professions are generally above the minimum wage level, which ensures compliance with the minimum wage at all times. This guarantees fair payment in line with German labor standards.

What does the high data protection standard mean for customers?
It offers legal security and protects users' personal data.

What data protection measures does Academic Hero offer?
They use SSL encryption, principles of data minimization and strict GDPR compliance.

Technical questions

What does "Software Made in Germany" mean at Academic Hero?
The solutions are developed and hosted exclusively in Germany. This stands for high quality, reliability and data protection in accordance with German and European laws.

How does Academic Hero guarantee the quality of its products?
Through thorough planning, precise execution and careful quality assurance.

Questions about sustainability

What energy sources does Academic Hero use for its operations?
They use 100% green electricity from renewable energy sources for their operations and data centers.

What is Academic Hero doing for the environment?
In addition to the use of green electricity, they attach great importance to the environmentally conscious operation of their data centers.

Clemens Molinari

Clemens Molinari

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Clemens Molinari

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