Tests and quizzes to provide information and as a marketing tool


With Campus Quiz you can integrate an independent test system on your website. For example, you can test mathematical skills or other recruitment criteria for

  • prospective students
  • applicants
  • employees

Combine the test results with e.g. Campus Match or Campus Partner to give your partner companies an insight into the suitability of candidates. Campus Quiz is a comprehensive assessment center!

Reference: MathX3.de

Examples of use

  • Mathematics self-test
  • Study ability test
  • Knowledge transfer quiz
  • Questions about studying as an entrance test
  • Assessment Center for companies
  • as a complete platform: In cooperation with Campus Partner or Campus Match

For educational institutions

  • Design your questions with infinite flexibility
    • with text
    • with image
    • with animation
    • mathematical formulas - single or mixed
  • Multiple answer options (expandable)
    • input fields
    • Cloze texts
    • Single selection
    • Multiple choice
  • Save your questions in a centrally accessible catalog
  • Categorize your tests and questions, e.g. by difficulty level, topics or tags
  • No maintenance and operation of the platform by your own IT required
  • Compliance with data protection regulations: 100% DGSVO compliant

For teachers / course leaders

  • Carrying out tests with minimal effort
  • Unbound by location: Online in the network
  • Overview and statistics on participants' test results
  • Participants can take part anonymously or with a self-created account

For participants

  • Self-test to determine your personal level of knowledge
  • All questions can optionally be explained after the test
  • Can be taken anonymously or with login to save the results

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Jörg Oswald

Jörg Oswald

Managing Director, Product Lead

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