Dual study program: focus on partner companies

When prospective students are looking for guidance, they ultimately want to make a decision that will have a major impact on their future. And in the case of a dual study program, you are actually making two far-reaching decisions: for your future university and for your future employer.

This brings with it challenges for student marketing and student advisory services. Prospective students - especially 'Generation Z' - want to find out about the university and its partners without any detours. In turn, the university and its partners want the opportunity to present themselves in the best possible way in order to attract suitable applicants.

We have developed Campus Partner for this purpose. It offers a comprehensive overview of partner companies, especially for dual study programs. Prospective students can intuitively select the courses and partner companies that suit them and that offer vacancies.

Campus Partner is one of three systems that work together: 

  • Campus Match enables partner companies to find suitable prospective students. 
  • Campus Quiz is a marketing tool designed to playfully attract students' attention and interest in STEM subjects or studying in general.


Better student marketing

Partner companies of the universities introduce themselves: Companies can present themselves on Campus Partner and show how they provide the best possible training for prospective students in a dual system with the university.

Company database of partner companies: Interested parties can search the database and refine their selection using filters. TOP companies are added to your own watch list.

Wide reach - K(l)one costs for the company: Companies can save or reduce the costs of job advertisements because they receive an optimally positioned presentation of the company, namely where the target group of prospective students is really looking.

Automated data exchange: Interfaces are available for importing company data or can be adapted for your individual CRM system. Campus Partner also offers data transfer to other third-party systems, such as your website, in order to list the partner companies there as well.

No maintenance costs: We take over the maintenance and operation of the platform. You take the strain off your IT and save on your own servers and other costs.

100% GDPR compliant: Made in Germany and hosted securely for you in Germany.

Jennifer Blum

Jennifer Blum

Contact person for Campus Partners


Answers to the most frequently asked questions

Campus Partner makes it easy for prospective students to find their way around and find out about the partner companies for their desired degree program. Among other things, a filter function, up-to-date information on available places, the ability to narrow down to a radius around a location and a watch list that can also be downloaded as a PDF help them.

Campus Partner offers companies the opportunity to strengthen their employer brand and receive inquiries from motivated prospective students.

As a rule, company data such as 

  • Contact details, 
  • range of courses on offer (degree programs / fields of study), 
  • number of available study places and 
  • contact persons 

are imported from the university's CRM or a CSV file into Campus Partner. 

Premium profiles (for a fee) can be activated on request. The advantages of the premium model are

  • Prioritized and highlighted presentation
  • Additional information about the company
  • Images and videos
  • Separate section for downloads

Product features

Optimal presentation of partner companies

For the university

Student marketing and student advisory services at a dual university include mediation between all parties involved: the prospective student, the university and the partner company. This is easily achieved with Campus Partner, as it enables prospective students to find their own way around and obtain information - without any noticeable time expenditure for the university. 

The self-service requires virtually no support from the university. Data is imported manually via CSV or automatically via an interface from a CRM system (e.g. corba, DUALIS, Salesforce, SAP). Starting from Campus Partner, the partner companies can be forwarded to the university website via an interface in order to list them there. The supposed "detour" via Campus Partner offers many advantages. Companies can set the visibility of their profile for the Campus Partner list as well as for the website. Universities save working time because this function is another self-service for companies.

Companies can present themselves on the platform and save working time for employees and the high costs of job boards. Universities therefore have the option of monetizing their platform with paid premium profiles or other extra gimmicks.

Efficient networking with partner companies

Campus Partner revolutionizes communication between universities and their partner companies by seamlessly connecting to Campus Mails. This innovative solution enables universities to contact specific contact persons at their partner companies directly and ad hoc without cumbersome exports and manual data synchronization. Whether it's managing directors, training managers or specific contacts for certain courses, Campus Mails ensures that universities can reach the right contacts quickly and efficiently.

This direct line of communication is invaluable as it not only saves time and resources, but also improves the quality of collaboration between universities and companies. By eliminating the need for tedious data searching and matching, universities can focus on strengthening their relationships with partner companies and responding specifically to the needs and opportunities that arise from these partnerships.

Campus Mails makes it possible for important information, requests and invitations to events or programs to be sent to the relevant people in the partner companies without delay. This promotes the development and success of dual study programs and other cooperative education programs.

For prospective students

Prospective students and applicants benefit from the simple search for the university's partner companies. They can specifically identify companies 

  • that match the desired degree program, 
  • see the places currently available, 
  • can also search in the vicinity of a specific location and 
  • and of course find a company using the direct search function. 

In addition, the watch list function allows you to conveniently save interesting companies in your own account and quickly generate a PDF.

Internal messaging

Campus Match's internal messaging makes it easy to get in touch. Messages and documents can be sent back and forth in a modern chat look.

For partner companies

By partnering with dual universities through programs such as Campus Partner, companies gain numerous benefits, particularly in terms of recruitment and brand presence. This enables them to save costs as they have to place fewer job advertisements. 

With Campus Partner, partner companies are provided with basic information such as 

  • contact details, 
  • the range of courses on offer 
  • the number of available study places 
  • contact persons and 
  • location, displayed via Google Maps or OpenStreetMap, 

presented. Premium profiles allow companies to highlight additional data and prioritize their presence. This includes information such as 

  • Images, 
  • videos, 
  • contact details and 
  • a separate section for downloading additional documents such as flyers and brochures.

Internal messaging

Campus Match's internal messaging makes it easy to get in touch. Messages and documents can be sent back and forth in a modern chat look.

Software-as-a-Service or on-premise?

If you opt for Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), you benefit from an all-round carefree package that not only includes hosting and operation, but also the ongoing maintenance of the software. With this solution, you enjoy the advantage of a constantly up-to-date, secure and high-performance application without having to worry about technical details. You can concentrate fully on your core business while we take care of the technology.

With an in-premise solution, you take full control by installing and managing the software internally on your own servers. This means that you are responsible for the maintenance, updates and security of the infrastructure. This option offers maximum adaptability and control over the IT infrastructure, but requires a stronger IT support structure and can initially mean higher investments in hardware and software licenses.

System environment / server requirements

Campus Partner is built on a robust and modern infrastructure based on proven technologies such as Ubuntu, Apache, MySQL, PHP, Symfony and Vue.js.


  • Ubuntu 20.04 LTS
  • Apache 2.4
  • MySql 8.0

Campus partner software:

  • PHP 8.2
  • Symfony 6.4
  • Vue.js 2.7


  • E-mail gateway via SMTP (pay attention to SPF, DKIM, DMARC)
  • or localhost

For organizations that have special requirements for their IT infrastructure, we offer the option of testing the compatibility and operability of our software on an individual basis. Please let us know your requirements.

End devices

Campus Partner is optimized for use on all modern browsers and offers flexible accessibility via smartphones, PCs and tablets. This ensures that users can access the platform anytime and anywhere, regardless of the device they are using.

Campus Partner is also characterized by its low-barrier design, making the platform accessible to a broad user group.

Expandable and integrable

As a SaaS application, Campus Partner is easy and secure to integrate and 100% GDPR-compliant.

Campus Partner can also be expanded: 

  • Expansion through Campus Match to bring prospective students and partner companies together.
  • Campus Quiz to test the skills of applicants. Applicant test results can also be displayed in Campus Match
  • Mass e-mails based on the partner database with Campus Mails.

Additional benefits for other dating agencies

Campus Partner offers a versatile platform that goes far beyond the simple placement of students. It serves as a comprehensive solution for various matching and recruiting tasks. Whether it is the placement of lecturers (lecturer exchange), the search for interns (internship exchange) or other specialized recruiting requirements, Campus Partner provides an effective interface. This platform makes it possible to seamlessly connect different groups such as pupils, prospective students, students, universities and companies in order to optimize educational and career opportunities.

Lecturer exchange

Campus Partner is ideal for universities looking for lecturers, especially if each faculty and each degree program requires specific teaching staff. For universities with multiple campuses, this platform offers a particularly valuable way of efficiently finding and approaching suitable lecturers. By uploading profiles, faculties can search for candidates who meet their specific requirements. 

Internship exchange

For universities and companies looking for an effective connection to talented interns, a specialized online platform is the ideal solution. It allows students to showcase their profile and skills, while companies can search for candidates that match their specific requirements. This not only simplifies the internship search and placement process, but also optimizes it by creating direct connections between talented students and potential employers.

Use in the company

Campus Partner offers companies with multiple locations an innovative platform solution. Interested parties can upload their profile, whereupon the company's various departments have the opportunity to contact suitable candidates directly. This function enables a targeted approach and efficient selection of talent, tailored to the specific needs and requirements of each individual department

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