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Digitization at universities: Your way into the future

Digitalization is fundamentally transforming everyday university life and opening up new dimensions of education, communication and collaboration. The use of digital technologies not only makes teaching and learning processes more efficient and flexible, but also more accessible and interactive. This change offers numerous advantages: from the simplification of administrative processes to the optimization of study organization and the promotion of a lively campus life.

Our product range - Campus Mails, Campus Events, Campus Talks, Campus Time - is specifically designed to take full advantage of these digital opportunities. Whether it's efficient communication, the organization of events and appointments or working time recording, our solutions offer tailor-made support.

Let us convince you of the benefits of digitalization at your university and choose one of our products to enrich everyday campus life for students, lecturers and administrative staff alike. Immerse yourself in the world of the digital university - for an efficient, connected and inspiring academic experience.


How we advance your digitalization

Digitalization is not an end in itself. Our focus is on the development and provision of digital solutions that specifically support universities in fulfilling their tasks more easily, quickly and efficiently. 

Universities organize countless events. Those who work with digital tools save time, money and often also nerves.

Online time recording for universities: With this solution, employees can record their working hours quickly and clearly, apply for leave and submit sick notes - all online in the office or remotely. These functions help to increase employee satisfaction.

Universities connect people: Appointments with individuals and groups can be intelligently organized and coordinated digitally.

Universities face the challenge of intensive communication - be it in the area of student marketing, general university communication or within their own structures. Digital solutions that have been specially developed for the requirements of mass communication enable information to be transmitted much more efficiently.

Jörg Oswald

Jörg Oswald

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Digital tools for your university organization

Campus Time

Time recording according to TV-L / TVöD: project budgets, processes, long-term account, mobile working.

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Campus CRM

Systematically manage consultations and marketing measures

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Campus Mails

Simply send masses of individual emails GDPR-compliant to recipients from CSV exports, LDAP or distribution lists. 

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Campus Events

Easily manage and organize events and appointments.

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Campus Talks

Simple appointment allocation: Display available appointments and book directly online.

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Jörg Oswald

Jörg Oswald

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