Frequently asked questions about Campus Docs

No, because Campus Docs ensures that all mandatory documents that you specify are automatically added to each generated document package. This can include, for example 

  • General information about the university, 
  • mandatory information for publications or 
  • special content that is relevant for all prospective students. 

In addition 

  • a cover sheet, 
  • a table of contents with page numbers and 
  • a back page 

are integrated into each document pack as standard to ensure a complete and professional presentation of the information.

No, Campus Docs prevents the selection of inadmissible subject and course combinations through a pre-defined logic based on the examination regulations and degree programme guidelines. The system automatically checks the plausibility of the selected combinations and ensures that only permissible and sensible options are available to students.

The documents and information on Campus Docs are maintained and updated by the university administration or the team responsible for this. They have control over the content and can make changes or updates at any time to ensure that all information provided is in line with the latest requirements and guidelines.

Yes, student counsellors can use Campus Docs to assist prospective students in compiling their documents and provide them with a comprehensive overview of relevant study information.

Campus Docs is a platform that enables prospective and current students to compile and manage all the necessary documents and information for their studies with just a few clicks.

Yes, you can create and manage module handbooks with Campus Docs. The platform ensures that only permitted subject, course or module combinations can be selected. This is ensured by a predefined logic that is based on the respective examination regulations and degree programme guidelines in order to enable a sensible and compliant compilation.

Campus Docs is ideal for creating and managing information brochures. The platform allows you to generate customised brochures that contain specific information about the university, study programmes and other relevant details for prospective students. You can easily update or customise content to ensure that the brochures always provide the most up-to-date information.

Yes, Campus Docs is ideal for designing and updating study guides. With this platform, you can create customised study guides that contain detailed information about study programmes, the university and other important aspects. Thanks to its ease of use, content can be easily updated at any time to provide the latest information.

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