Frequently asked questions about Campus Match

Campus Match is 100% GDPR-compliant and protects personal data in an exemplary manner.

Prospective students can register online at any time and create an account. 

Companies can only register with an activation code. This is issued by the university and thus ensures that only partner companies have access to the database.

Campus Match was developed for colleges and universities that offer dual study programs. The basic idea of matching can also be used in other contexts. For example, the task of a lecturer exchange, an internship exchange or a mobility database is to bring two parties together. And this task can of course also be used by companies.  

In Campus Match, companies can search the database of candidates according to the criteria that are important to them. The search parameters can be saved as favorites. Campus Match sends a list of the candidates found on a daily or, if desired, weekly basis.   

Campus Match's internal messaging makes it easy to get in touch. Messages and documents can be sent back and forth like a modern chat.

This function is not part of Campus Match, but of Campus Partner. The software offers a comprehensive overview of partner companies of dual study programs and enables prospective students to filter companies according to certain criteria and create an individual watch list. Campus Match and Campus Partner are two complementary programs that are often used together under one internet domain. Please ask us for references.

Jennifer Blum

Jennifer Blum

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Jennifer Blum

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